Fresh Flower Arranging

Hardback cover of Fresh Flower Arranging

Published by DK

RRP: $25.00

About Fresh Flower Arranging

Flowers recognizes that we all love fresh flowers in our homes, but we are sometimes at a loss as to how to show them off to best effect, and to keep them looking great and smelling fragrant. Also, more and more people want to create their own arrangements and bouquets for family weddings, in a bid to keep costs low and the personal touch high.

This book offers the solutions. It shows you the principles behind a successful arrangement and gives you step-by-step projects for all sorts of stunning but achievable arrangements. Whether you want urban chic, country house, kitsch, or classic, the range of talented contributors ensures that there is a style and a project to suit you, your home, and your wallet.

It shares insider tips and tricks for achieving stunning results with minimum effort and for keeping your flowers fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. Other flower arranging books look gorgeous - but how on earth can you achieve such beautiful arrangements at home? This book isn't just about showing off, it's about showing how. Clearly, concisely, and creatively.