The Terror Trail

eBook cover of The Terror Trail

Published by DK Children

By Stewart Ross

RRP: $2.99

About The Terror Trail

Watch the past come to life in this gripping comic-book tale, The Terror Trail.

Travel back in time to Ancient Rome and meet Publius and Sabina as they're stolen from their injured father and sold into slavery. Follow their dangerous adventure as brother and sister escape the clutches of their owners, only to be captured and sold again as arena slaves in the Colosseum.

Will they survive long enough to rescue their father and find freedom?

Combining the excellent content of DK Readers with the excitement of a graphic novel, these thrilling books use rich, historically accurate settings-such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome-as the backdrops for tales of murder, betrayal, and revenge. Reference section provides nonfiction context, including timeline, maps, and glossary.