Ancient Egyptians

eBook cover of Ancient Egyptians

Published by DK Children

By Laura Buller

Illustrated by Rich Cando

RRP: $7.99

About Ancient Egyptians

Meet the dudes who made history happen. With quirky, inspired artwork, History Dudes’ look at the past is both irreverent and informative. Each book takes the reader on a journey through a key event, theme, or period in world history, with explanatory reference spreads, comic strips, and interviews with historical dudes along the way.

Rich Cando started drawing the nationally syndicated comic strip Chaos while a student at UCLA. His Star Dudes series, a spoof of Star Wars, has earned him fans worldwide and has been shown in museums around the world. Brings the past to life in a unique, fun and appealing way Packed with amazing facts and hilarious historical anecdotes The strong visual appeal will engage even the most reluctant reader