DK Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia

Hardback cover of DK Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia

Published by DK Children

By John Farndon

RRP: $16.99

About DK Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia

Travel back to the land where human history was first recorded-the land of kings, queens, gods, goddesses, nomads, and scribes. Be an eyewitness to the "land between the rivers," from the first Sumerian city-states to the mighty Babylonian empires. Featuring a pull-out wall chart and its own clip-art CD, Mesopotamia provides a detailed look at where the first cities, states, and empires rose. Richly detailed full-color images and photographs of ancient artifacts, architecture, and maps combine with a comprehensive overview of the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. See incredible works of Mesopotamian art, meet the warriors and innovators living ahead of their time, learn how to read ancient inscriptions, and much, much more!

-Includes CD with clip-art and wall chart
-Includes spectacular full-color photographs and illustrations
-72-page format includes 8 bonus pages full of amazing facts