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Published by DK Children

RRP: $14.99

About Get Talking Chinese

The ultimate guide to learning basic Mandarin Chinese for kids.

This easy-to-use Chinese for beginners textbook and audio app includes all the essential everyday words and phrases you need to know to start speaking Mandarin in no time!

Learn how to read, write and speak Chinese step by step with this Mandarin learning book. Here's what's inside:

- Content is suitable for beginners of all ages and covers basic grammar, tones, Pinyin and characters.
- The accompanying audio app covers all the words and phrases taught in the book.
- Bold illustrations and photos bring the text to life, and make the process of learning Mandarin fun and accessible.
- Structured in short, manageable sections with practice exercises and useful tips.
- Culture pages provide light relief from the language sections and cover such wide-ranging topics as etiquette, slang and the Chinese zodiac.

Packed with useful tips, practice exercises and fascinating insights into Chinese culture, this Mandarin workbook for children covers Pinyin, the system used to spell out Chinese characters using Roman letters, and introduces the Chinese writing system. Bold illustrations and simple text will help you get to grips with more than 200 of the most frequently used Chinese characters.

From introducing yourself in Chinese and chatting about the weather to reading and writing numbers, Easy Peasy Chinese includes all the vocabulary you'll need to get by in China. Plus, the accompanying audio app will help you perfect your pronunciation. It's perfect for children ages 8 and up, as well as beginners of all ages.