DK Eyewitness Books: Sports

Hardback cover of DK Eyewitness Books: Sports

Published by DK Children

By Tim Hammond

RRP: $16.99

About DK Eyewitness Books: Sports

Here is an exciting and informative guide to the history and rules of the world's major sports. Superb color photographs of modern and antique sports equipment offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the development of each game, its most exciting features, and the special skills needed by the players.

See the inside of a baseball, how tennis rackets have changed in the last 100 years, how soccer balls are made, which judo belt ranks higher than a black belt, and the difference between snooker and pool. Discover what a modern running track is made of, which sport was first played inside a prison, what kind of feathers are used to make shuttlecocks, and much, much more!

Discover the world of sports in close-up: the history, rules, equipment, and techniques used by both amateurs and professionals.