Femi and The Mindfulness Machine

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Published by DK Children

By Flo Fielding

Illustrated by Sawyer Cloud

RRP: $16.99

About Femi and The Mindfulness Machine

Come along on this wonderful STEM story that follows Femi as he battles with anxiety and overcomes his fears before Science Day.

Meet Femi, a hardworking little boy whose nerves can sometimes get the better of him. One evening, Femi is showing his Grandma the wind machine he has built, but when it doesn’t work his tummy flutters and his legs start to wobble. What if his project doesn’t work on the day? What if his teacher doesn’t like it?

Children commonly experience anxiousness. Made in collaboration with Woke Babies, this book aims to normalize this feeling of worry and provide children with a technique to combat it. With vivid illustrations accompanying the inspiring story, this picture book is ideal for children aged 3-5 and will subtly teach them about science and mindfulness.

This encouraging STEM book for children offers:

- Material that’s made in collaboration with both educational and STEM consultants to ensure that it’s accurate.
- A beautifully illustrated story that gently teaches mindfulness and STEM to its young readers.
- Content made by people of color and a black protagonist in the book, as it is important for children to relate to characters in books.

Whether you are looking for a heart-warming story with inspiring characters, or a gift for a little one, Femi and the Mindfulness Machine will make the perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s go to Science Day!