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Published by DK Children

By Katie Still

RRP: $14.99

About Playful Wonders

Written by Katie Still, founder of Playful Wonders, this activity book is full of simple, easily accessible, sensory play ideas for all occasions.

Everything you need to feed your child's curiosity and inject more play into their day can be found in this interactive book. Each page features a simple, creative activity that little hands will love.

With this book you'll see that there's playtime for any place or occasion, whether it's during bath time, in the kitchen, or even on a walk through the park. Find out how paper towel can be turned into a car garage, how to transform your favorite cereals into a construction site, or even how forgotten toys can be repurposed into fun activities whether that's rescuing them from gelatin or searching for them in a flashlight scavenger hunt. Using household items, with photographs of each activity and easy-to-follow instructions, it's never been easier for kids to interact imaginatively with their environment.

What's more, each activity has a teachable moment in store! While your kids are getting their hands dirty, they will learn all about different shapes, letters, sounds, and so much more! Perfect for budding scientists and inquisitive children, Playful Wonders is a gift of endless hours of creative play that children and adults will love sharing together!