History Map by Map Collection: 3 Book Box Set

Slipcase cover of History Map by Map Collection: 3 Book Box Set

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About History Map by Map Collection: 3 Book Box Set

Witness our incredible human story unfold, chart the world's most significant battles, and see the deadliest war on record brought to life through bold, easy-to grasp maps - now available in a beautifully packaged box set.

Smithsonian History Map by Map combines three visually stunning titles (History of the World, Battles, and World War II) in one exquisite slipcase that journeys through global history. Each book contains over 100 specially created maps, offering a window into the key events that crafted our global society, the decisive battles that shaped military history, and the major theatres of war that decided Allied victory over the Axis powers.

History of the World investigates how elements of civilization, such as writing and toolmaking, came into being and spread from one country to the next. It chronicles the rise of the world's great religions, and of human endeavor such as the voyages of early explorers. It retells stories of adversity such as the abolition of slavery and shows how people have always migrated for a better life, from the very first humans moving across Africa, to millions of 19th-century Europeans crossing the Atlantic in search of the American dream.

Battles homes in on the decisive conflicts that characterized battlefields from the ancient world to the bomb-scarred
landscapes of modern warfare and beyond. Engrossing maps unpack history's most famous battles, displayed in fascinating detail alongside brand new, in-depth expert analysis to explain how legendary military milestones were won and lost. Historic maps, paintings, photographs, and objects take you to the heart of the action; famous commanders and military leaders are profiled, and the impact of groundbreaking weapons and battlefield innovations is revealed.

World War II magnifies in greater detail the key developments that led to the most destructive war on record, combining
unprecedented visual detail with specially created and historical maps illustrating all major theatres of war. Layers of
information shows how the conflict raged around the globe on land, air, and sea, while timelines provide a comprehensive chronology of events. Archival photographs, contemporary artefacts, and profiles of famous leaders reveal the full story of the war that shaped the modern world.

Authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution, this box set is an unmissable visual guide to ancient, medieval, and modern history in all corners of the world, ideal for map lovers and history enthusiasts everywhere.