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Published by DK Children

By Stephen Hogtun

RRP: $16.99

"'This is, by far and away, the most beautiful book I've ever read'"


"'This is the best illustrated children's book I have ever read'"

"<p>'This book...this is THE book... this book has found me.<br>The most beautiful book I have ever read'</p>"


"'It's beauty made me cry! This book is the most vividly beautiful prose poem I've ever read. Truly breathtaking'"

"'Absolutely stunning. The most moving, powerful, thought provoking picture book I have ever read'"

"<p>'I very seldom write a review, but this book...<br>It is the most beautiful and stunning story of kindness, love and redemption told in the most charming way with outstanding illustrations'</p>"

"'Well this really is a beauty...a heartwarming and truly lovely story of hope and how that can bring colour back into peoples lives'"


"'I'm a massive fan of picture books and I've got to say The Station Cat is one of the most powerful I've read. By the end of the story, as the train returns to the station I had tears in my eyes and I was surprised as I hadn't realised how much this story had affected me'"

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"'I cried from the first page to the last, yet it had such a soothing effect also. It is full of hope and kindness and love. I will read and re-read this time and time again'"

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"'This is a truly exquisite book.'"

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"'The perfect book to bring the beauty and hope of a well-written story into your classroom. Full of beautifully written similes and metaphors, Hogtun's writing takes the reader through a delightful journey'"

About The Station Cat

A stunning picture book about the power of hope.

A lonely little kitten wanders into a dull, gray station, full of dull, gray people. Her colorful fur and bright green eyes bring warmth and life to this weary place, and soon people begin to notice the kitten. As she learns about the different travelers and their struggles from loss and loneliness, the little kitten wants to help fill their world with hope and color, too.

In this timely and important book, author and illustrator Stephen Hogtun shows young readers the pride and sense of purpose that can come from helping others.