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Published by DK

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About Earth

Explore and understand the natural and human wonders of our planet.

Now, in its third edition, this landmark encyclopedia celebrates our planet and explains the science underpinning the forces and processes that have made and shaped it. Artworks, photographs, terrain models, and maps are combined to capture the power of landscapes and natural events and show their hidden sides, explaining, for example, how an earthquake is triggered and how burning fossil fuels is driving a climate emergency.

In this earth book, you will find:

-More than 3,000 photographs, artworks, and maps

-A  40-page timeline of Earth's history includes human evolution and the story of human colonization of the planet

-Sections that explore human impact features - on subjects from deforestation to population growth

-An atlas section includes original maps centered on Earth's seven major tectonic plates

Parts of the book lay out systematic and in-depth reference guides to core scientific information, such as more than 100 types of rocks and minerals. Similar sections contain visual profiles of some of the wonders of the natural world, from the Andes and Himalayas to the Grand Canyon, Sahara Desert, and Amazon Rainforest.

Revised and updated to include the latest developments in fast-changing geology and Earth science areas - including Earth history, climate change, and urban geography - this is a classic reference book for anyone who wants to understand how our planet works.