Science of Pilates

Paperback cover of Science of Pilates

Published by DK

By Tracy Ward

RRP: $21.99

About Science of Pilates

Explore the science behind over 50 pilates exercises to master each movement with confidence and control.

DK brings you a ground-breaking health book that will help you revitalize your workouts and perfect your Pilates practice, by understanding the muscle action, breathwork and techniques required, every step of the way. 

Did you know that performing Pilates can strengthen your core, improve flexibility and posture, and help to reduce stress and anxiety at the same time? Backed by scientific research, learn how Pilates exercises benefit every system in the body. Science of Pilates reveals the facts with annotated artworks that show the mechanics, the angles, how your blood flow and respiration are affected, the key muscle and joint actions working below the surface of each exercise, safe alignment, and much more!

Go on a journey of self-discovery to explore: 

- Specially commissioned CGI artworks depict all the main Pilates exercises with variations that add or reduce challenge.
- Artworks detail the mechanics of each exercise, correct body posture, the muscles involved and how they engage to perform movements.
- Illustrations featuring color-coding to highlight how the muscles, ligaments, and joints engage, stretch, and relax to perform each exercise.
- Pilates programs tailored to different abilities and aims.
- Suggested practices with a progressive increase in challenge over weeks and months.
- Easy-to-follow infographics help explain the hard science behind why Pilates training is so effective and what beneficial physical adaptations it can bring.

Set out to unearth the facts behind the pseudo-science fads, The Science of Pilates is an approachable, entertaining and easy-to read fitness guide for those seeking self-development backed up by solid scientific evidence. The popular question and answer format brings immediacy to the information provided, and the highly visually illustrations truly bring the science to life in a contemporary and accessible way. 

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. 

So why stop there? 

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