Science of Pilates

Paperback cover of Science of Pilates

Published by DK

By Tracy Ward

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About Science of Pilates

Explore the physiology of 30 key Pilates exercises, in-depth and from every angle, and master each movement with confidence and control.

Did you know that a Pilates practice can help strengthen your core, improve flexibility and posture, and help reduce stress and anxiety at the same time?

Backed by scientific research, learn how Pilates exercises benefit every system in the body. Science of Pilates reveals the facts, with annotated artworks that show the mechanics, the angles, how your blood flow and respiration are affected, the key muscle and joint actions working below the surface of each exercise, safe alignment, and much more.

With insight into variations on the Pilates movements and a Q&A section that explores the science behind every aspect of the exercise system, look no further than Science of Pilates to achieve technical excellence in your practice and optimize the benefits of Pilates to your body and mind.