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Published by DK

By Gustavo Tosta

RRP: $32.00

About Guga

A bold new book from the most adventurous BBQ guru on YouTube.

Guga (aka Gustavo Tosta) and his wildly popular Guga Foods YouTube channel are known for teaching fans how to make out-of-this-world BBQ. On his channel, Guga makes classic recipes like brisket and ribs, but he also creates amazingly daring recipes like Nutella dry-aged steak and smoked and deep-fried duck breast. Using his energetic and enthusiastic approach to all things BBQ, Guga will teach even the most seasoned connoisseurs some new tricks, and beginning enthusasts will learn how to make BBQ in an entirely different way. This is not just another BBQ book!

Here's what's inside:
- 50 amazing BBQ recipes that will inspire even the most seasoned BBQ fans, including recipes for beef, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood
- Beautiful photography, plus step-by-step instructional photography that shows readers how to create every recipe
- Expert cooking tips that Guga's fans have come to love and appreciate
- Tutorials for techniques like dry-aging, smoking, deep-frying, and others