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Published by DK

By Carly A. Riordan

RRP: $19.99

About Business Minded

Carly's goal for you: become a happy, healthy, successful, business-minded boss.

Part self-help wisdom, part business school teaching, and part interactive workbook pages, plus real-life advice from 18 amazing, thriving entrepreneurs: this book is everything you need to know to turn your creative passion into a successful company.

With clarity and approachability, this complete guide will teach you how to monetize your creativity with a sustainable operation: ideation and business plans, branding, bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, management, social media, and more.

Maybe you want to become a social media influencer like Carly. Maybe you want to sell cake pops on the side. Maybe you want to design beautiful branding for small business owners, or maybe you want to run a coffee cart on campus! Whatever your idea, the same responsible business principles apply. With dedicated space for you to write down your own ideas, Carly will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Through it all, Carly will remind you of your true goal: you started your business to make you happy. That's not a bad thing! You can't field calls, answer emails, manage your accounts, and so on, if you're not taking care of yourself first. With firsthand wisdom, she'll encourage you to live a happy entrepreneur's lifestyle because YOU are your business's greatest asset.

With insight from some of the best women in the entrepreneurial game, this book will become your most-trusted resource. Thank you to the owners of these amazing small businesses: Chappy Wrap, chloédigital, Sarah Flint, Sarah O. Jewelry, Lycette Designs, Margaux, Oui Create, Grace Rose Farm, Dudley Stephens, Diane Hill, Sara Fitz, BFB Hair and dae Hair, Addison Bay, and The Tiny Tassel!