DKfindout! Elementary Science Pack

Paperback cover of DKfindout! Elementary Science Pack

Published by DK Children

RRP: $40.00

About DKfindout! Elementary Science Pack

A discounted bundle for educators that includes five elementary science titles from the DKfindout! series-Animals, Earth, Energy, Human Body, and Science-and access to supporting curriculum resources on the DKfindout! website.

Perfect for use by teachers with children ages 5-10, the DKfindout! Elementary Science Pack provides access to:
Print and digital information resources for both offline and online methods of learning

Engaging, high-quality content aligned to curriculum

Teacher lesson sequences and planning

This pack contains five high-quality, accessible nonfiction books that focus on topics tied to curriculum and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. In the true DK way, the DKfindout! series is characterized by highly visual and colorful page layouts with a mix of photographs, diagrams, boxes, bursts, timelines, and short chunks of text that make information easily digestible and learning fun for kids.

But this pack makes things easy for you, the teacher, too. With instructions on how to obtain access to six free learning pathways-each outlining between eight and twelve lessons written by an experienced educator-and at-home support materials for guardians with additional activities and experiments, this pack serves as an affordable, one-stop resource for several weeks of teaching. And the free-to-use, child-safe encyclopedic DKfindout! website allows both you and your students to take learning even further with more fascinating topics, more amazing images, and more interactive quizzes.

The DKfindout! Elementary Science Pack will make your next set of science lessons easy to implement and even more fun for your students, whether you're teaching remotely, in person, or homeschooling your own children. Once you have completed and received your purchase, head to the DKfindout! website and create a teacher account to get started.