The Renegades Project Neptune

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Published by DK Children

By Jeremy Brown, David Selby, Katy Jakeway

Illustrated by Katy Jakeway, Libby Reid, Ellenor Mererid

RRP: $21.99

About The Renegades Project Neptune

The Renegades face their greatest challenge yet - extreme sea level rises and a sinister new plot from their archenemy.

In this fast-paced action adventure series, the Renegades are called upon to use their superpowers to combat threats to the world's climate.

Mo, Leon, and a recovering Katelyn are on the move again, along with Amazon activist Alma, whose strange new powers are just developing. They've been tracking the movements of their longtime nemesis - businessman-turned-supervillain Jason Greenleaf - and this time they're determined to stay one step ahead of him.

But as they race to uncover the meaning behind Jason's new friends The League and the mysterious new serum he is developing, the team must reckon with both their own demons and new changes to the climate. Sea levels are rising faster than ever before and some strange - but potentially lifesaving - creatures in the mangrove forests of Bangladesh are at risk of dying out. With so many threats to the Earth mounting, could this all be too much, even for the Renegades?