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Published by DK

By Niko Rittenau, Sebastian Copien

RRP: $25.00

About Healthy Vegan The Cookbook

Discover the plant-based way to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

From a nutritious breakfast porridge that tastes like dessert to a delicious berry chutney sauce that will transform meals, these vegan recipes will have everyone asking for seconds!

Backed by science, this groundbreaking vegan cook book is the perfect start to a nourishing plant-based diet. It includes:

- Over 90 vegan recipes with tips and variations guided by nutritional science
- Pie charts and bar graphs help you to better understand the science and the benefits of different foods
- Modular ingredient system organised into five main food groups that make up a balanced plant-based diet: grains, greens, vegetables, proteins and toppings

With recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, Healthy Vegan The Cookbook gives you all of the information you need to make satisfying meals without meat and dairy. It also shows you the nutritional value of different ingredients to help you create the perfect plant-based plate and provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs.

Authors Niko Rittenau, dietician, and Sebastian Copien, chef, merge cutting-edge science with everyday vegan ingredients from the supermarket! They have applied the latest scientific findings on vegan nutrition to cooking to create loads of delicious plant-based recipes that can form part of a healthy vegan diet.

This beautifully illustrated vegan recipe book shows you how you can improve your health and well-being with the power of a plant-based diet! It's the perfect gift for the foodie in your life or anyone looking to experiment with vegan cooking for the first time.