The Happy Pumpkin

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Published by DK Children

Illustrated by MacKenzie Haley

RRP: $6.99

About The Happy Pumpkin

This picture book is an adorable introduction to Halloween for pre-readers. Follow this pumpkin’s journey, teaching little ones an important message along the way.

Grown-ups and children can enjoy this magical Halloween book about a happy little pumpkin that will teach little trick-or-treaters not to judge others based on their appearance. Little ones will begin to understand that while everyone should have a shoulder to lean on, first we need to show kindness in order to get it back.

Featuring beautiful illustrations, adults and children will love to read aloud and follow the story of this adorable pumpkin as he hopes to find the perfect family in The Happy Pumpkin.

This heartwarming picture book for 0-5 year olds:

- Has an exciting storyline that’s easy for young children to follow along
- Promotes the importance of social interaction and friendships to kids to help build empathy, lessen their stress or anxiety, support their emotional and social development, and encourage self-confidence
- Beautifully illustrated pages that accompany the charming narrative text
- Small format with sturdy pages are perfect for adults to share with their children

The adventure of this perky little pumpkin will teach little ones important life lessons about being themselves and not judging others based on their appearance. This Halloween book is the perfect Halloween treat for you and your little one to read together at storytime!