I Love My Monster

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Published by DK Children

RRP: $10.99

About I Love My Monster

Get ready to wander through the forest, meet five special little monsters, and discover lots of forest friends along the way.

Enchanting illustrations, fantastic pop-ups, and surprise flaps ensure this monster board book will delight and excite preschoolers.

Watch Millie the monster show off her building skills and make a magnificent den in the forest, then take a peek behind the flaps to find out how her animal friends build cozy homes of their own. Meet Marvin the monster as he faces his fear of the dark, learns about the moon, and discovers amazing animals that come out at night. Follow the splish-splash sounds to meet Thunder the monster jumping in muddy puddles; he's loud and lively and loves exploring the forest and finding out how the rain helps the trees and flowers grow big and strong.

With fact-filled read-aloud text that builds knowledge of nature, as well as introducing children to a world of adorable monster characters to love and learn about, young children will love turning the pages and journeying through the natural world with their new monster friends. I Love My Monster is the perfect way to teach children about nature and how each of us is special in our own way. It is part of a series of early learning pop-up books, each one about something children adore.