Norse Myths

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Published by DK Children

By Matt Ralphs

Illustrated by Katie Ponder

RRP: $21.99

About Norse Myths

A beautiful collection of illustrated Norse myths and legends retold for a new generation.

Action-packed tales of extraordinary creatures and compelling gods, goddesses, and heroes come to life in this compendium of Norse myths. Explore the ancient stories told by the Vikings in this exciting new retelling — it's the perfect introduction for kids ages 7-9 who have an interest in mythology. 

Inside this stunning illustrated storybook for kids you’ll discover: 

   • Compelling profiles of a wide variety of characters of Norse legends, complete with a reference section that sets the stories in context.
   • Twenty enthralling myths — some well-known, some less well-known — from Odin to Baldur.
   • A map of the Norse lands and a pronunciation guide.
   • Original and stylized illustrations by award-winning artist Katie Ponder on every page — a perfect gift book for kids interested in art, myths, or history.

Meet Thor, Loki, Freja, and all the other Norse Gods

Journey into the mythical world of Nordic folklore! Kids can explore the stories of mythical figures like Thor, the god of thunder who disguised himself as a bride to seek revenge and retrieve his powerful hammer, Mjölnir, and how Sif, the goddess of fertility had her long golden hair cut off by Loki, the trickster god. Engaging imagery for each myth by multi-award-winning artist Katie Ponder will immerse readers into the stories. 

This Norse mythology book for kids also includes feature pages profiling the gods and goddesses, giving context to the history behind the myths. A reference section provides key background information like Norse cosmology, facts and a pronunciation guide. Featuring beautiful foil lettering on the cover and stunning illustrations throughout, Norse Myths is the perfect gift for kids to explore the tales by themselves or as bedtime stories.

More myths and legends to uncover

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