Water Cycles

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Published by DK Children

RRP: $19.99

About Water Cycles

This beautifully illustrated children's book takes a close look at the life cycle of water, including how it supports all life forms, how humans harness its power, and why we need to conserve it.

Water is essential for life. In fact, 60 percent of an adult human is made up of water! We drink it and bathe in it, and thousands of creatures live in it. Yet our planet is running desperately low on fresh water, with less than one percent of the water on Earth available to fuel and feed the current population of 7.5 billion people. So dive into the wonderful world of water and find out how you can save this life-giving substance.

From raindrops falling from the sky, to rushing rivers and vast oceans full of animals and plants, water is everywhere. Discover how it affects Earth's weather, through rainstorms, snow flurries, and cyclones, and gives life to animals, plants, and humans. Learn how it is used in growing food and in making clothing, as well as how water travels into our homes at the turn of a tap. See the process water goes through when you drink it and how important keeping hydrated is for our health.

With stunning photos and illustrations that showcase the beauty and power of water in nature, the cycle of water has never been so exciting. In the face of our planet's climate crisis, saving water is more crucial than ever. Read about how we can use less water and discover how we can reduce water pollution to save life on Earth.