What's The Weather?

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Published by DK Children

By Fraser Ralston, Judith Ralston

RRP: $12.99

About What's The Weather?

Discover the science behind wild and wonderful weather in this fact-packed book!

From heatwaves and big freezes to tornadoes and fog, this science book gives your budding meteorologist a glimpse into all the action that happens in the sky. Learn about all kinds of weather and marvel at how powerful it can be!

At a time when extreme weather is becoming more and more common, this eco-focused book is perfect for getting your little one clued up about the environment. Throughout the pages of this colorful and energetic STEM book, your child will discover fun facts about the weather. They will also gain insight into serious topics such as global warming and how our climate is changing.

Inside the pages of this beautifully illustrated children's science book, you'll learn all about the weather, and discover:

- Fascinating illustrations that introduce scientific topics in a simple and accessible way
- Stand out facts, presented clearly on each spread
- Easy to understand text that teach children about climate change, meteorology, and geography
- Bright photos and stunning illustrations that show how weather forms, what's going on inside clouds, and why we have heatwaves

The easy-to-follow text and bite-sized facts will keep young climate activists engaged and inspire them to do whatever they can to turn things around and fight climate change!

Become a Weather Expert in No Time

This educational science book tells a riveting story about how big, amazing, and wonderful our weather really is - but it's told from the child's perspective. The book itself has also been produced as sustainably as possible, made with responsibly sourced materials and soy inks. It's the perfect gift for environmentally conscious kids aged 7-9.