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Published by DK Children

By Simon Hugo

RRP: $35.00

About LEGO Timelines

LEGO® Timelines takes you on an epic tour through ten decades of history - from before the iconic LEGO brick to today's amazing sets and beyond!

Pore over pages packed with fascinating facts, stunning images, and amazing details, and discover a treasure trove of iconic LEGO sets, minifigures, accessories, and more.

More than 70 illustrated timelines bring LEGO history to life like never before! From the early days of LEGO Town, LEGO Castle, and LEGO Space to LEGO Pirates, LEGO Star Wars, and LEGO NINJAGO, the timelines provide a fun visual overview of much-loved LEGO themes. Fascinating timelines include the history of LEGO minifigures, the biggest LEGO sets ever, and how a LEGO set is made, and much more. “Sets in focus" showcase iconic LEGO sets through history, too.

Celebrate more than 90 years of LEGO play!

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