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Published by DK

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About Art, Annotated

A stunning art gallery in a book, Art, Annotated spans more than 3,000 years of paintings, sculptures, and prints.

Combining stunning reproductions of each work of art with precise annotations and visual analysis, it is an expertly curated and comprehensive selection of the finest art ever created.

Immerse yourself in this book and learn all about art—how Michelangelo painted nudes, what cubism is, and where abstraction came from. Discover ancient Egyptian frescos, read the visual clues to Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and find out what inspired Louise Bourgeois and Banksy. Organized chronologically, entries cover art from all over the world, exploring key elements such as composition, color, technique, and symbolism. Each work is also set in its historical context, making Art, Annotated a complete overview of art history.

Packed with information and full of inspiration, Art, Annotated brings the finest paintings and sculptures right into your home. It is the ultimate history of art and visual sourcebook for all art lovers.