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Published by DK

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About The Bird Book

Delve into the fascinating world of birds through astonishing photography and clear explanations in this absorbing global guide

Birds are dinosaurs, with a history going back millions of years. Our fascination with them runs deep in history and our close association is reflected in creation stories, myths, legends, songs, and children's stories.

This book explores both the natural history of birds and that deep cultural connection. From their evolution and anatomy to their behavior and diversity, spanning tiny dunnocks hiding in bushes to ostriches strong enough to knock out a lion. Articles cover a group, such as hawks, finches, swans, or birds of paradise, moving the focus away from a predictable species-by-species account and allowing for truly global coverage. Discover the bold nature of European Robins and why they are associated with Christmas; the mythical Alkonost, with the body of a bird of paradise but the head of a woman; and learn about eagles, from their hunting prowess to the myriad stories and symbolism associated with them. Packed with information, and beautiful photography and illustrations, The Bird Book is a must-have for nature enthusiasts.