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Published by DK

By Tayshan Hayden Smith

RRP: $21.99

About Small Space Revolution

Create green outdoor spaces no matter how small and see how transformative they can be.

Gardener and activist Tayshan Hayden Smith demonstrates 20 different practical projects you can create to positively change small outdoor spaces and pulls out inspiration from a variety of successful community gardens around the world.

Tayshan’s practical advice will help you make the most of your projects, with easy-to-follow steps and photography alongside inspiring examples of how simple garden projects—on even the smallest scale and budget—can open the doors to better well-being, uniting communities and reviving natural spaces to help create the greener future we’re all fighting for.

Reconnect with the outdoor space around you—perhaps start growing your own food or build a learning bed to educate children (and even adults) about the soil beneath their feet. Begin to reimagine how even the smallest of spaces can be green and living—transform a drainpipe into the perfect trellis for a climbing clematis or construct a pollinator wall out of repurposed tin cans to support local wildlife.

Tayshan underpins all his practical takeaways with inspiring manifestos on why we need to improve small spaces, the environmental benefits for nature, and the wider issues around connections with growing and greening space. He also emphasizes the importance of recycling and reusing, both for the environment and keeping costs down.

Most importantly, his message is clear: Everyone can play their part in creating green spaces to benefit us as individuals, communities, and the environment, too.