Y is for Yak

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Published by DK Children

Illustrated by Jean Claude

RRP: $7.99

About Y is for Yak

The latest title in DK's charming new alphabet series looks at the friendly yak and some yak-related words that begin with the letter "y."

Take a first look at the mighty yak in this special nonfiction picture book for babies and toddlers.

Part of DK's illustrated animal alphabet series that makes a wonderful first gift, Y is for Yak is quirky and fun, and perfect for holding the attention of little ones. It has friendly, read-aloud text and delightful illustrations by Jean Claude. Young animal lovers will be smiling in no time as they point to the exciting yak pictures, learn some interesting words that begin with the letter "y," and discover cool things about these shaggy, long-horned creatures.

Learn that yaks live high up on mountains; that they're kept as farm animals producing yak milk, yak meat, and yak yarn; that young yaks are called calves; and finally say yippee and yay for the really useful, hardworking yak! Filled with simple, playful facts, Y is for Yak provides lots to talk about and lots to look at for curious, animal loving babies and toddlers everywhere.