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About DK Eyewitness Austria

Coffee, cake and culture - welcome to Austria.

Whether you want to hike in the alps, visit remarkably well-preserved medieval towns or simply indulge in Vienna's decadent café culture, your DK Eyewitness travel guide makes sure you experience all that Austria has to offer.

The rhapsodic beauty of Alpine peaks, idyllic valleys and sparkling lakes has long-enchanted visitors to Austria and engendered a rich cultural output. This is evident on the evocative cobblestoned streets and grand boulevards of Austria's cities, where the sounds of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven fill the air, and magnificent palaces stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern architectural-masterpieces.

Our recently updated guide brings Austria to life, transporting you there like no other travel guide does with expert-led insights and advice, detailed breakdowns of all the must-see sights, photographs on practically every page, and our hand-drawn illustrations which place you inside the country's iconic buildings and neighborhoods.

You'll discover:

-our pick of Austria's must-sees, top experiences and hidden gems
-the best spots to eat, drink, shop and stay
-detailed maps and walks which make navigating the country easy
-easy-to-follow itineraries
-expert advice: get ready, get around and stay safe
-color-coded chapters to every part of Austria, from Vienna to Styria, Tyrol to Burgenland

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