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Published by DK Children

By Susannah Hoffman

Foreword by Patricia Arquette

RRP: $16.99

"<p>The book is clearly laid out, with photographs of children demonstrating the poses and step<br>by step instructions in friendly language.</p>"


About Yoga For Kids

Teach your kids about yoga and mindfulness with this mindful yoga activity book. Yoga activities are a great way to teach children about relaxation, meditation, and peace--while having fun at the same time.

This book is packed with yoga activities for kids and mindful games. Kids can stretch into tree pose, bend into butterfly pose, learn how to make a mindfulness jar, and find out why and how we should stretch through a series of fun yoga poses and sequences.

With more than 50 poses and activities, Yoga for Kids has everything you need to know about yoga for children. Children are guided through each pose, to make sure they achieve maximum fun and mindfulness in their yoga practice. Parents are given notes on each pose, to let them know what benefits it brings and how to stay safe.

Yoga for kids shows that supporting a child's positive mental health doesn't need to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. Poses and activities help children to de-stress, focus, and get moving while having fun.