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Published by DK Children

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About My First Farm

Give your toddler a head start with these 16 colorful and tactile first words flash cards, expertly designed to develop early language skills, and ideal for preschool play.

Every card pack in DK's My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards series contains 16 sturdy picture cards, each with their own vibrant image and touchable texture. Farm features animals and items that you might see around the barnyard, such as chickens, scarecrows, sheepdogs, straw, tractors, and more.

To provide even more educational value, the back of each picture card has word translations in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, and phonetic spellings to help with pronunciation. You'll also find a series of engaging questions about the related animal or object. For example, the "scarecrow" card has questions such as "Do you know how scarecrows help farmers?", "What kind of clothes is the scarecrow wearing?", and more. A guidance card, which has tips for creative learning games and ideas for additional language activities, is included with each pack and helps both parents and little ones get the most from this collection.

DK's My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards series makes learning first words fun and helps familiarize toddlers with the shape, feel, color, and names of everyday objects. With a range of popular early learning topics for young children, including animals, colors and shapes, numbers and counting, vehicles, and fun on the farm, you're sure to find the perfect picture card pack for you and your toddler to share.