Why You Need The Tool Book in Your Toolbox (or on Your Gifting List)

Lovers of levels, look no further.

On the hunt for an unbeatable Father’s Day gift? Or simply looking to treat yourself to a handsome and helpful guide to tools? Here’s why The Tool Book is the answer to your drill-based dreams. 


It’s Offerman approved

This comprehensive tool-lover’s guide features a foreword by the incomparable Nick Offerman (and honestly, it might be the best thing we’ve read in a while).


It features more than 200 tools

From A-frame levels and axes to T-handle torque wrenches and more, The Tool Book includes visual guides to every hand tool you’ll ever need to get the job done right.


It’s packed with practical advice

How do you use a jack plane? What’s the best hammer for this job? How can I best maintain my tools? Helpfully sorted by tool type, The Tool Book is designed to deliver exactly the right info, right when you need it.


It offers inspiration along the way

Alongside invaluable info are insightful quotes and quips on the philosophy of making. In the middle of a difficult project, or just want to get inspired? These quotes are nourishing reminders about why we make things with our hands in the first place, and the passion that fuels every project.


It’s not too shabby to look at

We don’t like to brag, but we do always hope that the look and feel of our books match their extraordinary contents. No pun intended, but we think we’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! As handsome as it is helpful, The Tool Book is a gift that any lover of hand tools will be thrilled to unwrap (including you).