The Ultimate Solar System Quiz

Do you know these Solar System facts?

Calling all aspiring intergalactic explorers!

Know your ice giants from your gas giants? What the biggest telescope ever sent into space is? Or why Pluto isn't considered a planet? Delve into the wonders of our Solar System and test your knowledge with our ultimate space quiz.


Journey into our spectacular Solar System and come face to face with frosty ice giants, swirling storm clouds, eye-popping galaxies, black holes and much more, all in this fascinating guide for space lovers everywhere.
Earth is a small part of our Solar System, which is a tiny part of a huge, spiral-shaped galaxy called the Milky Way.
How did the Solar System begin? The answer lies in an event that happened around 4.6 billion years ago...
Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, and is most famous for its spectacular rings.