Star Wars™ Coding Projects: Look Inside the Book

Master computer coding, you will! Get kids excited to learn coding with our new Star Wars™ Coding Projectsa step-by-step visual guide allowing Padawan to create their own animations, games, simulations, and more using the Scratch™ programming language. Take a sneak peek inside the book below! 

Discover the book

Featuring quotes and quips from everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, and using clear, simple instructions, this fun-filled guide includes six Scratch™ coding projects for kids. Coders can design their own droids, and build games and projects to dodge asteroids and fly with a jet-pack in the virtual world, all while reinforcing STEAM learning.

An accessible approach

With straightforward instructions and clear steps, Star Wars Coding Projects explains Scratch™ in a way that’s accessible to young learners. Plus, the likes of BB-8, R2-D2, and Chewbacca are there on the pages of the book to guide the way!

A fun-filled adventure

Kids will be thrilled to create interactive animations and customize their own sprites.

A great STEAM learning resource

An invaluable classroom resource, the guide is a fun and engaging way to get kids working and learning with code.

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