Marvel Fearless and Fantastic: Look Inside the Book

An exciting sneak peek inside this stunning collection of female Super Heroes

The brand-new Marvel Fearless and Fantastic profiles fifty extraordinary female Super Heroes from the Marvel Comics Universe. In celebration of its publication, we’ve rounded up five fantastic reasons to love this powerful book!


It’s infinitely inspirational

Super-geniuses, dazzling pilots, fearsome warriors and world-leading engineers – and that’s only the beginning! The extraordinary abilities and achievements of the women in this book will inspire you to be fearless and ferocious in your everyday life. Ambition is infectious, after all.


It shines a light on lesser-known heroes

Alongside fierce fan favorites like Captain Marvel, Gamora and Storm, Marvel Fearless and Fantastic features much-deserved profiles of lesser-known (but equally extraordinary) heroes.


It’s packed with extraordinary comic book artwork

Alongside insightful information about each hero, impactful full-color visuals bring each story to life on the page.


It’s full of ferocious life mottos

Whip-smart and not to be messed with, the heroes in this book are seriously quotable.


It’s a stunning addition to any fan’s bookshelf

Simply put, this is a beautiful book! The perfect gift for girls and women of all ages, it’s a treasure you’re sure to return to again and again.

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