Books for Women's History Month

Guides to get kids and teens inspired

Courageous women, daring ideas, and extraordinary achievements! Celebrate Women's History Month at home or in the classroom with our range of powerful and accessible books for kids and teens. Keep the learning going throughout Women’s History Month with the guides below.

An engaging guide for young adult readers

A lively and accessible book for teens, Feminism Is… brings thought-provoking topics alive on every page. Exploring the history of feminism and the realities of today, this insightful guide covers key issues like equal pay, education, and relationships.

An essential introduction

The latest addition to the bestselling Big Ideas series, The Feminism Book explores more than 100 of the most important events, ideas, and organizations that have defined the feminist movement throughout history.

A fun and inspiring guide

From brilliant super-scientists to intrepid entrepreneurs, 100 Women Who Made History is a powerful introduction to remarkable women through time, as well as an invaluable classroom resource.

A celebration of remarkable scientists

Perfect for readers aged 7-9, Women in Science profiles extraordinary minds throughout history. It's sure to inspire girls and boys alike, shining light on STEM professions.

A reader full of role models

Including contemporary leaders and achievers from history, this action-packed reader tells the stories of remarkable women. It's perfect for children who are ready to read alone.

A refreshing look at history

A great gift for a curious teen, this more advanced guide re-examines history from a female perspective, shining a light on lesser-known and important roles that women have played in society.