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Top 5 lesser-known Jedi

Top 5 lesser-known Jedi

You can probably name quite a few Jedi Knights fairly easily; Yoda, Qui Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Obi Wan Kenobi, but there are thousands more. Here are 5 Jedi you may never have heard of.

Yaddle pictureYaddle
Yaddle sits on the Jedi High Council in The Phantom Menace. She's a member of the same species as Yoda, but she's only about half his age. She's just 477, with her hair in a "youthful topknot"! But you know what's also great about her? Her lightsaber has an ORANGE blade!

Oppo Rancisis
Oppo Rancisis image
This guy has the best facial hair ever. His hair, beard, and eyebrows fuse together into one dense, hairy face. But he's not just all about the bearded hipster look. His dense hair also has a practical use. As Star Wars™ The Complete Visual Dictionary reveals, it deters the biting cygnats of Thisspias. Good to know!

Jocasta Nu pictureJocasta Nu
Some Jedi travel the galaxy defending peace and justice and have cool lightsaber battles. Others work in a library. Jocasta Nu is a Jedi librarian in Attack of the Clones. Who knew there were Jedi librarians?! I wonder whether she uses a Force shush to quieten down younglings who are making too much noise.

Jedi Bob pictureJedi Bob
First mentioned officially in LEGO® Star WarsThe Visual Dictionary, Jedi Bob flew in the Republic Gunship during the Battle of Geonosis. Apparently all his records were destroyed when the Jedi Temple was ransacked at the start of the Empire's dark rule. And that's why no one knows anything about him. (Plus he's only a minifigure.)

Khaat Qiyn
This is about the obscurest Jedi I know. She's a female Jedi who fought at the Battle of Geonosis. Her first mention is in a single annotation in DK's Inside the Worlds of Attack of the Clones. The annotation points to a tiny figure on the Execution Arena artwork. (OK, I confess I wrote this book and I invented her!) But I just looked her up online, and now she has a whole backstory and a proper photo. This is a good example of how Star Wars writers build on each other's work. Check out Khaat Qiyn on Star Wars wiki.

There are always more Jedi Knights to discover, along with all their great deeds. Why not try reading up on a Jedi you may not have previously heard of?

Article by Simon Beecroft

Author biography

Simon Beecroft is an author of Star Wars reference books, including Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary, and many Star Wars Readers. 


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