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Star Wars Reads Day 2015

Star Wars Reads Day 2015

It’s a really exciting year for Star Wars™ which makes it the best time to get involved with Star Wars Reads Day on Saturday 10th October 2015. Started in 2012, Star Wars Reads Day is all about celebrating two of DK’s favourite things: the Star Wars galaxy and reading. Even better, it’s perfect for encouraging reluctant young readers to get into books via their love of Star Wars.

As the day is all about sharing your passion, there are events nationwide in libraries and bookshops on Saturday 10th October 2015 or if you can’t get to one of the events, why not host your own event at home with friends and family?

Before the Party

You (and your kids) can get crafty and design your own decorations and invites to give out at school to your special guests. Alongside the usual time and location you could add some intriguing hints to what the day includes. Yoda soda, anyone?!

At the Party

The best thing about hosting your own Star Wars Reads Day party is that you can pick anything you want to do although no Star Wars Reads Day is ever complete without fun Star Wars Reads Day activities. Download and print yours in advance to make sure there are no disappointed Jedi!

Here are some other ideas for what you and your guest can get up to:

Lightsaber Training - make your own lightsaber just like Jedi do; use pipe cleaners or toilet rolls to construct them and make sure you make to add your own individual design flair

Show-and-tell - ask everyone to bring their best - and favourite - Star Wars items to show everyone

Star Wars bingo - select a ‘bingo caller’; draw grids of 3 x 3 squares on individual pieces of paper and get everyone to draw or write anything related to Star Wars they can think of, one in each square; make sure you’ve got counters or pennies to cover up the Star Wars items; then the caller thinks up things from Star Wars and calls them out (and remembers to write them down so they don’t forget what they’ve already called!) until someone covers a line or the whole board is covered

Jedi training camp - set-up your own Jedi training camp; get everyone to make felt Jedi badges and even set-up an easy obstacle course (don’t do anything too dangerous or something that will end up with something getting broken!)

Quizzes - see how good your Star Wars knowledge is with one of DK’s LEGO® Star Wars quizzes. From one for Jedi Padawan, through Jedi Knight to Jedi Master. Who is the expert at your party?

Also remember to make loads of yummy Star Wars inspired food. DK loves Yoda Soda (lemonade), Vader Ade (Cola), Han Rolo (the clues in the name!), Jubba the Hummas and Wookiee Cookies. And think up your own! The best place for inspiration is from other fans on Pinterest.

Finally, no Star Wars Reads Day party is complete without everyone dressing up as their favourite Star Wars character. Who will be Luke Skywalker? Will there be just one Darth Vader? And who is a Jedi and who is a Sith? Get creative and make your own outfit.

Tell us what you are going to be doing at your Star Wars Reads Day party and share your photos with us using #StarWarsReadsDayUK


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