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Fashion and the Force: The Clothing of Star Wars™

Fashion and the Force: The Clothing of Star Wars™

Get ready for some extraordinary Star Wars style. From lavish robes to hardworking helmets, the clothing choices of these characters reflect their wealth, the weather, and their lives.

Ornate Halbara outfit, Senator Ister Paddie, Star Wars clothing

We’re rounding up some of the best and most unusual fashion from Star Wars. Whose style would you most like to steal?

1. Everyday wear

Many factors affect a person’s choice of clothes. An outfit to suit the dirty depths of Coruscant will be vastly different from that worn for a picnic in a flower-filled meadow on Naboo. Looking at the way someone dresses can offer many clues his or her their life and where he or she lives.


Coruscant’s sprawling urban landscape holds thousands of city levels filled with a myriad of alien and humanoid species. The clothing is as diverse as its population.

Cheap suit, underlevel bith, Coruscant, Star Wars clothing

Cheap suit, underlevel bith

Vest with spellsayer teardrop emblem, freighter tramper, Coruscant, Star Wars clothing

Vest with spellsayer teardrop emblem, freighter tramper


The controlled environment of Cloud City means people don’t have to worry about the weather.

Tunic and delicate cloak, Leia Organa, Cloud City, Bespin, Star Wars clothing

Tunic and delicate cloak, Leia Organa 

High-quality suit, Lando Calrissian, Bespin, Cloud City, Star Wars clothing

High-quality suit, Lando Calrissian

2. Occasion wear

Galactic citizens dress up for special occasions, chances to escape from their everyday routines. A night out at the Coruscant Opera or Outlander Club offers a chance to show off personal flair.

Nightclub wear

A night at a club allows individuals to relax and leave behind their worries. Clothing is designed to grab attention on the dance floor or at the gambling tables. Eye-catching colours and sheer or metallic fabrics are always popular.

Nightclub patrons, Star Wars clothing

Nightclub patrons

Opera house wear

A visit to the opera or ballet is an opportunity for patrons to stand out from the crowd. Luxurious cloaks, elaborate headdresses, bold prints – when it comes to the opera house, the more extravagant the better!

Fur cloak, Beytolim, Star Wars clothing

Fur cloak, Beytolim

Chunky cape, Rystall Sant, Star Wars clothing

Chunky cape, Rystáll Sant

3. Royal Outfit

Monarchs’ gowns are rich with symbolic embellishments, highlighting the unique culture of the planets they rule. During galactic visits, the luxurious fabrics, statement headdresses, and costly jewels of queens and their handmaidens make a lasting impression.

Senate outfit without cloak, Queen Amidala, Star Wars clothing

Senate outfit without cloak, Queen Amidala

Traveling gown, Queen Amidala, Star Wars clothing

Traveling gown, Queen Amidala

Traveling gown (to Naboo), Queen Amidala, Star Wars clothing

Traveling gown (to Naboo), Queen Amidala

Foreign residence gown, Queen Amidala, Star Wars clothing

Foreign residence gown, Queen Amidala

4. Work clothing

Clothes create an important statement in the work environment. A senator’s formalwear will reflect the culture of their homeworld but can also command respect when they negotiate deals.


Many senators proudly wear the traditional garments of their people. However, others use their status and the significant budgets of their offices to pay for lavish clothing. They wear elaborate creations made by the most famous designers on Coruscant, using the finest imported fabrics.

Coruscanti robes, Senator Orn Free Taa, Star Wars

Coruscanti robes, Senator Orn Free Taa

Ornate Halbara outfit, Senator Ister Paddie, Star Wars

Ornate Halbara outfit, Senator Ister Paddie

5. Protective clothing

The galaxy is a dangerous, dirty place where mechanics, guards, pilots and others must wear specialized clothing to protect themselves during the course of their work. From regal uniforms to dirty aprons, these outfits have seen some action!

Security guard uniforms

When keeping watch over dignitaries, royalty, and other important individuals, security guards must protect themselves in order to protect others. A guard’s armour alone is often enough to make would-be assassins think twice before striking a high-value target.

Imperial royal guard robes, Star Wars

Imperial royal guard robes

Pilot uniforms

Pilots take flight in the unforgiving vacuum of space, requiring special protective clothing to keep them safe. Their flight suits must also carry life-support gear and survival tools to be used in case of accidents.

Dineé Ellberger’s naboo space fighter corps pilot uniform, Star Wars

Naboo space fighter corps pilot uniform, Dineé Ellberger


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