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Dinner on Dagobah: The Imaginative Food of Star Wars™

Dinner on Dagobah: The Imaginative Food of Star Wars™

Feeling hungry for a Star Wars™ buffet? Whether you’re a fierce Jedi or the cruel General Hux, the fact remains: everyone’s got to eat! From deep-fried gorg to bristlemelons, there’s no shortage of dehydrated delicacies and curious quick eats in the Star Wars universe. 

Food quote from Yoda: "How do you get so big eating food of this kind?"

Here’s your chance to take your seat at the Naboo dinner table, and sneak a peek into the everyday life of an extraordinary Star Wars world.

What would your dream meal look like? Pick from below!

1. Baked food

Whether sweet or savoury, a variety of cultures around the galaxy have recipes for delicious baked food. At Dex’s Diner on Coruscant, the Sic-Six-layer cake is a real bargain, costing just 2.5 credits per slice.

Sic-six-layer cake, Star Wars food, Dex’s diner on Coruscant

Sic-Six-layer cake

Baked cushnips with fral, Star Wars food

Baked cushnips with fral

Baker droid holding a jogan fruit cake, Star Wars food

Baker droid holding a jogan fruit cake

2. Fruits and fungi

 A prized delicacy during times of war, fruits are a popular treat eaten raw or cooked in dishes.

Meiloorun fruit, Star Wars food

Meiloorun fruit 

Platter of fresh fruit jellies, Star Wars food

Platter of fresh fruit jellies

3. Street food

Love your local food speeder? So do the inhabitants of a number of Star Wars planets.

Coruscant food stall

Coruscant food stall, Star Wars food

On the dark city streets of Coruscant, street-side food stalls serve affordable, fast fare to residents of all types. Given the diversity of species inhabiting the planet, the shelves offer a wide variety of dishes to suit any palate.

Tatooine food market

Local farmers and produce vendors sell their harvests directly to residents at the daily Mos Espa market. Hardworking sellers spend long days under the hot suns and only close up shop when sandstorms approach.

Tatooine market stand selling fruit, including green pallies, Star Wars food on planet Tatooine

Tatooine market stand selling fruit, including green pallies

Bristlemelons, vaporator mushrooms, and dweezel on Tatooine Star Wars planet food stall

Bristlemelons, vaporator mushrooms, and dweezel

4. Animal Produce

Irresistible to numerous species, meats from a variety of animals are cooked, cured, and prepared as a main course for many meals. Farmers and diplomats alike enjoy fried nuna, an animal found on Naboo, Tatooine, and Saleucami.



Gornt meat, Star Wars food

Gornt meat

Deep-fried gorg, Star Wars food

Deep-fried gorg

Shaak, Star Wars animal produce, Star Wars food


5. Condiments

Chadian and ubese dressings, condiments for Star Wars food

Sometimes a dish could benefit from a little extra flavour, or others might need the flavour blotted out altogether. Condiments such as colourful Chadian and Ubese dressings are popular for making food more appetizing.

6. Food on the go

On peacekeeping missions across the galaxy, you never know where your next meal is coming from. Members of the Jedi Order often carry energy capsules on their utility belts. Each contains tiny pellets with enough energy to sustain a Jedi on distant planets and long space journeys.



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