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Cover of Defining Star Wars The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary

Defining Star Wars™ The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary

Defining Star Wars™ The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary

By Pablo Hidalgo, author of Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary and Creative Executive, Lucasfilm Story Group.

Star Wars™ is a galaxy-sized rabbit hole to dive into for those of us obsessed over the tiniest of details. It’s been like that from the start, when intriguing design cues like C-3PO’s mismatched legs, Vader’s chest box buttons or the gallery of aliens in the cantina provoked untethered flights of youthful imagination. As a Star Wars™ fan from the start, I certainly consider myself incredibly fortunate to have this position at Lucasfilm, and as an author, be able to direct that imagination in such a way that it shapes future storytelling.

I’ve been able to witness the genesis of Star Wars™: The Force Awakens from an incredible ringside seat since its earliest iterations to its continued evolution in postproduction. Star Wars™: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary from DK gives me a platform to transform this insider vantage point and turn it into a definitive guidebook. For example, I was able to interview Neil Scanlan and his creature shop crew to find out what they had in mind when creating the myriad creatures seen in the film. I stepped into Michael Kaplan’s costume workroom and saw the uniforms of the First Order and fatigues of the Resistance come together. I’ve asked questions of the filmmakers and fielded their answers about the depths of Star Wars minutia in kind.

I recognise this is a privileged position, having this much access to the making of so anticipated a film. I made sure the Visual Dictionary directly benefits from that access, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. It rightfully comes out the day the movie is released, so it will be waiting for you to dive into during the breaks between your repeat viewings of Star Wars™: The Force Awakens.

See you at the cinema!

Photo credit: Joel Aron
Photo credit: Joel Aron


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