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Alien Underworld: Star Wars™

Alien Underworld: Star Wars™

A lawless land, Tatooine harbours some of the Star Wars™ Galaxy’s deadliest underworld figures—a more disreputable gathering of gangsters, bounty hunters, slavers and outlaws you’re unlikely to find this side of the prison mining slave camps of Kessel. And top of the sordid heap is Jabba the Hutt, the loathsome, slug-like crime lord and boss of the Hutt crime family, who presides over his interstellar operations from his Palace on the edge of Tatooine’s Northern Dune Sea.

Jabba shares much in common with the rest of his vain, gluttonous and long-lived Nal Hutta clan, including a taste for swamp life, like oversized Gorgs, Klatoonie paddy frogs and gas-filled slime pods, not to mention those symbiotic fashion accessories, Sha’rellian Toops, small starfish-like creatures that adorn the Hutts’ bald pates in return for security and companionship.

Jabba’s Palace is also a refuge and recruitment centre for the mad and bad of the Star Wars alien underworld.


Bossk—a brutish, lizard-like Trandoshan, who is one of the Galaxy’s most feared bounty hunters, with a penchant for hunting and skinning Wookiees.


Dengar—a highly experienced, prosthetically-enhanced Corellian mercenary, who fancies himself a bit of a ladies man, though he’s far more efficient at tracking down his targets.

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Amanaman—this mysterious, reptilian Amani headhunter collects his victims’ heads and proudly displays them on his hunting staff.

And, of course, the one and only…

Boba Fett—Mandalorian warrior and genetically unaltered clone of the legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett, not to mention Jabba’s best mercenary, who captures the elusive Han Solo for the Hutt.


Aside from assorted Star Wars criminals and cronies that hang around Jabba’s palace, the Hutt and his clan need staff to take care of the day-to-day running of the place. And what a motley and mutinous bunch they are!

Bib Fortuna—Jabba’s majordomo, a prickly Twi’lek who manages staff, greets guests, organises events and obtains rare gifts for the Hutt, like Oola the Twi’lek slave dancer and the man-eating rancor beast. Despite his lofty position in Jabba’s court, he despises his boss and has made many (failed) attempts on his life.

Almost the entire accounting division carry a grudge against Jabba—Mosep Binneed, a Nimbanel who manages the Hutts’ ill-gotten fortune and lives in constant fear of his employer; Loje Nella, Mosep’s Riorian assistant, who deliberately mismanages the books to create trouble; Tessek, a Quarren male from the water world, Mon Calamari, who tries to plant a bomb on Jabba’s sail barge; and Shasa Tiel, an amphibious Ishi Tib desperate to regain her freedom after being blackmailed into a life of crime.

Gamorrean guards—these dumb, brutish “pig-lizards” protect the Palace and end up as lunch for the rancor if they mess up. They’re trained by Nas Tal, a serpent-like Saurin combat expert, who bides his time for the right moment to eliminate the Hutt.

Salacious Crumb—Jabba’s mischievous, jumped-up Court jester, a Kowakian monkey-lizard who must keep the Hutt constantly amused, or else!

Ree-Yees (right in the below photo)—a fugitive Gran from the agriworld Yinen, who hides out in the court minding Jabba’s frog-dog Bubo. Ree-Yees plots with Tessek to assassinate Jabba, but he needs to make his move soon before Bubo gets the jump on him.

So it’s little wonder Jabba enlists spies like the wily Saelt-Marae (left in the above photo), a Yarkoran who poses as a merchant, to snoop on Jabba’s enemies in the court—a job for life!

And though it isn’t on Jabba’s payroll, his semi-sentient pet Sarlacc serves an indispensable function, devouring recalcitrant and disgruntled staff, keeping his guests on their toes, and deterring would-be assassins. The terrifying, plant-like Sarlacc is a huge, astonishingly ancient omnivore that dwells underground and digests its food over a thousand years, keeping its victims alive all the while.

So who do you think is the baddest and maddest of the Star Wars underworld? Tell us using #RebelsRead.

Article by Cefn Ridout

Some people can’t make up their minds. Cefn is an editor, writer and designer who enjoys plying the waters between print and digital. In his long and winding career he’s worked with the ‘cool’ (Marvel Comics, Manga Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics), the ‘canny’ (Film Australia and British Council Australia), and the ‘corporate’ (McKinsey & Co. and Fuji Xerox). Yet as a pop culture vulture who can sadly connect Harrison Ford, Boris Karloff and Stan Lee within three degrees of separation, he feels right at home in DK Licensing. 




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