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7 Halloween Costumes Inspired by DK Books

7 Halloween Costumes Inspired by DK Books

While you can’t ever go wrong with a Halloween classic (witches, skeletons and ghosts), you sometimes want a costume that has that little extra something. We went a bit outside the box and imagined Halloween costumes inspired by DK books. Can you imagine wearing any of these surreal outfits?!

This year, you could be…

1. A computer coding tag

Black and white graphic showing coding symbols on computer monitor

You can bet the streets will be packed with goblins, monsters and super heroes on Halloween night. But how many <h4> or <div> tags will there be?! Just one – and it could be you.

What you need: Some black markers and a copy of Computer Coding Made Easy.

Bonus points: …if you somehow manage to code yourself into a working, playable computer game.

2. A travel recommendation

Photograph of blue and white church on hillside of Santorini, Greece

Take a page out of the book of a DK Eyewitness Travel guide, and make yourself the party’s go-to source for insightful travel tips and restaurant recommendations.

What you need: An unfailing, encyclopaedic knowledge of a city or country. And probably a lot of paper.

Bonus points: …if your costume includes a Wi-Fi enabled tablet for party guests to book flights and hotels on the go.

3. A delicious bowl of beetroot and beef short rib borscht

A bowl of beetroot and beef short rib borscht photographed from above

The best costumes are the most memorable ones. And what could be more memorable than basing your costume off the Healthy Gut Cookbook? If there’s one saying we always try to live by, it’s “Be the best borscht you can be”.

What you need: Borshct and more borscht.

Bonus points: …if you make it through Halloween without staining your entire home the colour of beetroot.

4. A roadtrip

Photograph of Route 66 highway road marking with truck approaching

Why be yourself when you could be a spontaneous, cross-continental road trip taken in an iconic classic car?! The Classic Car Book has plenty of wild wheels for you to choose from.

What you need: A cracking playlist, of course!

Bonus points: …if your costume includes a working motor vehicle. 

5. Time

Antique clock on exposed brick wall

Our book Big History covers a staggering 13.8 billion years, but you can whip this costume up in a matter of minutes.

What you need: Several dozen watches and clocks. And a lot of time on your hands (ha!)

Bonus points: …if your costume involves some mention of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

6. A verb

Graphic of woman in exercise clothing jumping forward

Most people stick within the realms of nouns when choosing their Halloween costume. But why not add a little action? Our English For Everyone series lays out some of the language’s greatest verbs (will you be RUN? JUMP? PHOTOSYNTHESIZE?)   

What you need: A Thesaurus and maybe an energy drink.

Bonus points: …if your costume can explain some of the mind-boggling rules and exceptions of the English language! 

7. A line of latitude

Illustration of globe with lines of latitude and longitude

Give your costume a bit of direction with the help of Great City Maps. Are you feeling more polar or equatorial today?

What you need: An attitude for latitude.

Bonus points: …if you can coordinate this costume with a friend!

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