5 Weird and Wonderful Marvel Characters

5 Weird and Wonderful Marvel Characters

When the world is swarming with mutating mists and portals to bizarre realities, things are bound to get a little… strange. From amphibian thunder gods to a Super Hero alien duck, let’s meet some of the oddest members of the Marvel universe!

1. Hamming it up

Spider-Ham is a mild-mannered spider who had the misfortune of being bitten by a radioactive pig. The result: life as an anthropomorphic porker! 

Some of Spider-Ham’s biggest humanoid enemies include Buzzard, a con-man possum, Bullfrog, a thieving frog, and Hogzilla, a giant, reptilian pig (Now those are no ordinary enemies).

2. Unlucky duck

Howard the Duck is not your everyday waterfowl (and not just because his name is Howard). Born on planet Duckworld, Howard hasn’t had it easy. He’s stolen from his home planet by the wicked Thog the Overmaster, then later falls to Earth and encounters the monstrous swampbeast Man-Thing (see #5). And he’s attacked by Bessie the Vampire Cow.

Luckily, this plucky duck always keeps up his team spirit. He joins forces with Beverly Switzler to fight foes like Turnip Man, Count Macho and the gigantic Gingerbread Man (again, we’re not making these up).

3. Is it swarm in here?

Scientist Fritz von Meyer’s attempt to control a mutated bee colony backfires when the insects devour him… but his consciousness live on through Swarm – a sentient mass of living bees.

The first time Swarm clashes with Spider-Man, the webslinger keeps his cool by coating his spider-suit in bug spray.

4. Smooth move

Squirrel Girl’s best friend, Tippy-Toe the squirrel, is far smarter than your average rodent. Tippy-Toe not only helps defeat Super Villain M.O.D.O.K., she can use the Great Lakes Avengers’ blender to make herself acorn smoothies. That’s one smart squirrel!

5. It’s a man! It’s… a thing?

The Man-Thing’s semiliquid body is made of roots and slime. It’s almost indestructible, so foes who try to hurt him with hammers, pickaxes and laser pistols will be sorely disappointed. 


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