12 Beautiful Books to Give this Mother's Day

12 Beautiful Books to Give this Mother's Day

We all know that mums work hard. Mother’s Day is the perfect time for you (yes, I’m talking to you) to spoil your mum rotten and say an extra-special thank you for everything she does.

Whether your mum is a keen crafter or an avid foodie, a pilates fan or gardening guru, our Mother's Day gift guide has got you covered. We’ve selected some of our best books to say ‘I love you’ this Mother’s Day, and for all the mums reading, a few gift ideas!

1. The Bee Book

The Bee Book jacket and spread
If you're buzzing to treat your mum this mother's day, look no further than The Bee Book. This beautiful book details the fascinating world of bees, honey-making, and how we can support our fuzzy friends, making it a perfectly unique springtime read. 

2. Supercraft
Supercraft book jacket and spread

Supercraft is bursting at the seams with, well, super crafts. With 52 stylish craft projects, from how to sew a cushion to making your own bookends, mum will be full of creative ideas for weeks of crafting fun. If you're a handy crafter yourself, then why not make her a gift using one of these projects?

3. Pregnancy Encyclopedia

Pregnancy Encyclopedia jacket and spread

If you know a mum-to-be, treat them to the Pregnancy Encyclopedia. This jam-packed encyclopedia answers everything you need to know about pregnancy, including pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy timelines, and breastfeeding. From conception to childhood, this guide supports new mothers through one of the most important periods in their life. 

4. The Crafter's Year

The Crafter's Year jacket and spread

Give your mum a gift that will last all year with The Crafter's Year, full of over 80 projects covering every season. From spring craft ideas to homemade Christmas cards, this delightful and inspirational craft book is packed with projects for every occasion. 

5. The Best of Mary Berry

Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook and Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect jackets

An ideal gift for families to enjoy together, Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect guides you through 100 new recipes - it's almost like having Mary in the kitchen with you! Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook is perfect for old fans as well as those who have yet to catch the “Berry-bug”. With these enticing recipes on your shelf, you’re sure to find the perfect Mother's Day recipe! 

6. Cook Healthy and Quick

Cook Healthy and Quick jacket and spread

Great for mums on the go, each easy-to-follow recipe in Cook Healthy and Quick can grace your plate in 30 minutes or less. In no time, mums everywhere will be munching on delicious and healthy recipes including Vegetable Chips, Chocolate-Covered Kiwi Pops, and Smoked Trout with Beetroot, although hopefully not all at once! 

7. Grow Fruit and Grow Vegetables

Grow Fruit and  Grow Vegetables book jackets

If your mum has particularly green fingers, why not give her the gift that just keeps on growing? If you've ever fancied trying pink currants or pineberries, now you can grow your own fruit and vegetables no matter how much space you have. Guiding you from planning to picking, Grow Fruit and Grow Vegetables are perfect for all mums whether they're practiced pruners or brand new botanists.

8. Pilates Body in Motion

Pilates Body In Motion jacket and spread

Whether your mum just needs a strengthening and relaxing stretch-out or is already a pilates pro, the introductory, beginner, intermediate, and advanced pilates programmes in Pilates Body in Motion cater to all levels of experience. With more than 50 pilates exercises perfect for at-home practice, you’ll soon be practising pilates right alongside mum.

9. Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Book

Neal's yard Remedies Beauty Book jacket and spread

In this fantastic gift for all mums who need to treat themselves, Neal’s Yard Remedies explain how to make their wonderful organic products at home (additional present idea), as well as taking you through some of their favourite pampering techniques. From face masks to eye creams, and exfoliation to massage, this book is guaranteed to make your mum look and feel more gorgeous than ever.


10. 10 Minute Make-Up

10 Minute Make Up book jacket and spread

The secrets surrounding international catwalk looks, from flawless foundation to glamourous eye make-up, are finally revealed in 10 Minute Make-Up. For mums who want to release their inner model or just enhance that natural beauty, step-by-step tutorials help create the perfect look for every occasion in only 10 minutes.

11. The Literature Book

The Literature Book jacket and spread

The Literature Book is a wonderful gift for all the bookish mothers out there. From classics including The Great Gatsby and Frankenstein to modern masterpieces by authors such as Zadie Smith and Margaret Atwood, this bold and brilliant timeline chronicles the very best books from across the years.

12. The Lunchbox Book

The Lunchbox Book jacket and spread

The perfect saviour for every busy mum, The Lunchbox Book will revive and reinvent lunchtime. Leave the soggy salad behind with over 90 delicious and easy lunchtime recipes from ciabatta to couscous and make lunchtime tasty again. 

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