Meet the LEGO Builders

Meet the builders of the LEGO® Play Book

Meet the builders of the LEGO® Play Book

DK LEGO books are all about getting the most from your LEGO bricks - from being inspired to build something new to having fun with your creation. Meet the builders of The LEGO Play Book who share their top tips for building and enjoying LEGO®:

Tim Goddard’s speciality is micro-scale creation. He creates small worlds such as micro-castles and metro skylines with his brick collection. Tim explains his secret for building marvelous mini creations: ‘I don’t tend to plan my builds much beyond a rough idea; I just let the bricks guide me.’

LEGO Castle

Meet builders Pete Reid and Yvonne Doyle, Pete is a postman and Yvonne works in IT support, but together they have a shared collection of 250,000 LEGO pieces! These two builders fell in love at a LEGO event, their eyes meeting over a pile of LEGO bricks. Pete and Yvonne build some wild animal creations in The LEGO Play Book, including creeping critters, tropical fish and even barnyard beasts. Their top tip is ‘sometimes it helps to make the most difficult area of a model first - then build the rest around it.’ When constructing animals these builders think ‘the most interesting part is often the facial expressions’. Which fascinating facial expressions can you build?

LEGO Truck

Meet Rod Gillies, who works in innovation and marketing for a big beer company. He owns a lot of bricks, and sometimes goes to work with plasters all over his hands to cover cuts caused by him frantically rummaging through brick bins! Rod specialises in building sci-fi vehicles, castles and micro-scale creations. In his section of  The LEGO® Play Book ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’, Rod builds both big and small LEGO structures such as a haunted house and a creepy clown car! His top tip for planning your build is ‘for most of the bigger models, I sketch out rough drawings in advance, but for the details or for smaller creations I tend to get inspired by just picking up books and seeing what happened.’

LEGO Models

Builder Tim Johnson used to keep all his empty LEGO boxes as a child, and still has them 30 years later! Tim is a digital producer with a brick collection of 120,000 pieces. His LEGO speciality is micro scale architecture and his favourite brick is the 1x2 tile with grille. Tim builds some amazing holiday creations in The LEGO® Play Book and uses both the internet and his own imagination to get going. His tip for getting started is ‘once you decide what to build, try searching the internet for images to inspire you’. However, Tim goes on to say 'sometimes the real thing doesn’t match what I saw in my head, so I go with what I’d imagined instead.’ Your imagination is a powerful thing when it comes to building great LEGO creations!

DK hopes you’ve enjoyed meeting some of our fantastic LEGO builders. Now it’s time to try out their tips and get building! Remember inspiration is all around you - you just need to start looking.

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