Jane Bull at Imagine Children's Festival

Jane Bull at Imagine Children's Festival



On a sunny Wednesday in February half-term, Jane Bull and a merry team of DK helpers hopped over the Thames to the Southbank Centre to take part in the Imagine Children’s Festival.

This year the theme for Jane’s workshop was ‘Loveable Gloveables’ where children were invited to transform gloves into dolls, creatures and monsters.

Inspired by Jane’s own array of makes from Crafty Dolls and Crafty Creatures the children set about creating their own woolly friends with expert guidance from Jane (and less expert guidance from the DK team).

Much sewing, pinning, cutting and needle-threading later and gloves, felt and thread had been transformed into diligently reproduced bunnies, dolls with dummies, monsters with ear warmers and completely off-piste superhero aliens.

“The lovely thing about these events is seeing what the children come up with” says Jane “They have some fantastic ideas and even those with no previous sewing skills at all come away with something unique they’ve created.”

Imagine Children’s Festival is sponsored by The Book People and features a jam packed schedule of events including talks by top authors, interactive workshops, music, and free activities and games.

About Jane Bull

Jane Bull creates fresh, original, and energetic designs that inspire budding makers, young and old, to get crafty. Jane started creating at an early age, learning from her mother who was a needlework and cookery teacher and later making things with her own children. She has shared her crafting and making knowledge in over 20 books all published by DK including Make It!, Stitch-by-Stitch, Crafty Creatures and Crafty Dolls. Jane lives in London with her husband and three children.



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