Mini Advent Christmas sacks decorating a tree
Mini Advent Christmas sacks decorating a tree

Christmas Tree Decoration Craft: Advent Calendar Christmas Sacks

Christmas Tree Decoration Craft: Advent Calendar Christmas Sacks

Get crafty this Christmas with these easy, homemade Christmas tree decorations, made from recycled materials and ready to delight the family for twenty-four days.

A change from the traditional, flat card Advent calendars, these fabric Christmas sacks from Homemade Christmas are made to hang on your tree. They’re easy to make, and can be filled with whatever treats your family enjoys – try a mixture of homemade sweets, bite-size cookies, fresh nuts and tiny gifts.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below, and enjoy twenty-four days of personalised Christmas tree surprises!


Old tablecloth or pretty curtain material
Scissors or pinking shears
Cotton needle and thread or sewing machine
Eco-friendly fabric pen
24 lengths of garden twine or string, each about 32cm (12½ in) long
Treats to fill each sack

How to make:

1. Cut the cloth into 48 sack shapes (see example shape below). Then cut 24 small squares of fabric, each about 3 x 3cm (1¼ x 1¼ in) in size.

Cloth for Advent sacks with scissors laying on top

Advent sack template shape

2. Align two sack shapes, correct sides facing inwards. Sew three sides together. Leave a seam of 1cm (½ in). Repeat with the other shapes.

Cloth pieces for Advent sacks arranged on top of one another

3. Mark the day of Advent, from 1 to 24, on each fabric square. Make a hole in the top corner of each square, thread through the twine, and knot it.

Fabric square with number "24" and green twine

4. Fill each sack with a few treats, then tie the twine around the top to seal the sack. Secure the ends in a loop and hang from the tree. 

Advent Christmas sack decoration filled with nuts and sweets


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