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No Time For Breakfast?

No Time For Breakfast?



We all know we should be starting the day with a proper meal, but I also know that it’s sometimes hard to resist those extra few minutes in bed! Happily, The No Time to Cook Book includes plenty of delicious ideas for quick breakfasts to give you a much-needed boost of vitamins and energy to get you going so you can still hit the snooze button.

Smoothies are the ultimate go-to breakfast when you’re short on time. To make them even speedier, you can freeze individual portions of your favourite fruits so you can simply whiz them up in the morning. The Wheel of Smoothies feature in the book lets you mix-and-match ingredients to find your perfect smoothie combination. Try chia seeds or oatmeal to thicken the texture, and cardamom seeds or fresh ginger for some spicy warmth and perhaps throw in some greens for some extra goodness.

If you fancy something a bit more substantial first thing, I love to make some Overnight Oats. These little no-cook pots are assembled the night before and stored in the fridge until morning – and they are also great to stash in your bag and take to work. Topped with fresh fruit or nuts and naturally sweetened with honey, nut butter or banana, you can play around with flavours so you can have a different one every day of the week. Personally, I can’t resist the coconut and banana pot made with coconut milk and flavoured with cinnamon and chocolate. Yum!

With all these suggestions and many more, breakfast has become my favourite meal of the day and nowadays I can’t wait to get up so I can get eating.

For loads of time-saving ideas and quick-cook recipes, grab a copy of The No Time to Cook Book, because life’s too short not to eat well.

About the author 

Laura Herring has worked as a writer and cookery editor for some of the UK’s top publishers for more than 10 years. She has worked with many top chefs from around the world on books covering almost every type of cooking from pies to paella to four-tier party cakes. Always in a hurry but never wanting to miss a meal, this is the perfect book for her. She currently lives in London.





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