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6 Unusual Curries to Treat Your Tastebuds

6 Unusual Curries to Treat Your Tastebuds

Happy National Curry Week! As you may have heard, curry is right up there with fish and chips as the nation's favourite dish. To honour this delicious occasion, we're sharing six unexpected curry ideas to help you think (and eat) outside the box. 

Konju Pulungari | King Prawn and Pumpkin Curry (South India)

Pumpkins are festival vegetables in many southern Indian states. Start your own pumpkin party with this delicious curry, using the huge amount of pumpkin varieties as your inspiration. This subtle and light pumpkin curry is brilliant served with rice or breads such as paratha.

Geng Bpaa Gai | Jungle Curry of Chicken with Vegetables and Peppercorns (Thailand)

Simple to make and robust in flavour, this Thai curry has a wonderful hot and salty flavour. Dabble with the unexpected and try jungle curry the next time you fancy Thai food. This chicken curry is the most common version, but the chicken can be replaced with freshwater fish, prawns, and even frog!

Udang Asam Pedas | Hot and Sour Prawn Curry (Indonesia)

Prawn curry is eaten across Indonesia, and the huge variety of prawn recipes are testament to its tastiness. This prawn curry is chilli-hot and sour, so feel free to reduce the amount of chillies you use. Frying the prawns and making the sauce in advance makes this a quick and easy easy prawn curry dish.

Wether Hin Lay | Pork Curry with Mango (Myanmar)

Love sour food? Pork curry with mango is for you. If you can handle a sour curry, use fresh green mango for the strongest flavour. The savoury and sour tastes of this pork curry are well worth experimenting with – just add rice or noodles to complete. 

Kang Soh | Bamboo Shoot Salad (Laos)

A great vegetarian recipe with a refreshing taste, this bamboo salad originates in the mountains of landlocked Laos. Use fresh or canned bamboo shoots to make the perfect base for a tangy and savoury salad and take your vegetarian cooking to the next level.

Amok Chouk | Steamed Snails in Curry Custard (Cambodia)

Feeling brave? This Cambodian curry is delicious and dramatic. Perfect as an appetiser and late lunch, you will find yourself surprised by the aromatic, sweet, and spicy flavours of this snail curry. Originating in Malaysia, this curry has been adapted in Thailand and Cambodia – why not see what all the fuss is about?

Take your taste buds on a global curry adventure with Curry. Invite top chefs, writers and cooks into your kitchen and learn their secrets on how to create authentic, taste-tingling curries. Discover which ingredients make each dish special, and follow step-by-step techniques that make every curry recipe easy to master. 

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