World War II Inside Covers

World War II Inside Covers

As we reach the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, we are mindful of the sacrifices of so many during the war. 

For the latest edition of our World War II: The Definitive Visual Guide, we decided to preserve the memory of our readers loved one’s service and sacrifice in WWII. We asked you to submit your photographs of family members or loved ones who served in WWII and we have featured these servicemen and women on the inside covers of this updated edition.

We have featured a selection of the remarkable stories behind the photographs.

Chris Mason Sergeant Arthur Vincent Christopher Mason, 1918 – 2009

Chris Mason was in the 11th Indian Division of the Royal Corps of Signals, his role was intended to be in wireless communication. However, he was sent out to Singapore, where he was captured by  the Japanese in the fall of Singapore and sent to a POW camp in  Taiwan where he was lucky to survive brutal treatment and near starvation. He finally returned to England after 3 years of captivity.

Nicholas OrlandoStaff Sergeant Nicholas A. Orlando, 1922 – 2010

Nicholas served between 1941 and 1945 where he was stationed in Thurleigh, England. He flew several missions with his crew over Germany. During one mission his plane was shot down over Berlin and he was taken prisoner where he was held as a POW at Stalag 17B in Krems, Austria from March 22 1944, before being liberated in April 1945.

Frank McMaster Corporal Frank McMaster, 1921 - 2004

 Frank McMaster served from 1942-46. He spent the majority of his service at the Fourth Air Force Bomber base in Tonopah, Nevada. He primarily worked on B-24s, but transitioned to B-29s near the end of the war. He was a sheet metal mechanic.


Roy MortonPrivate Roy Morton, 1922 – 2015

Roy Morton served from October 1941 to June 1946, including the D-Day landings at Juno Beach in 1944. Roy also served in Europe and India. Roy passed away this year, at 92 years of age.


Wilfred Cripps Captain Wilfred Charles  Cripps, 1901 - 1943

Charles Cripps served as a Merchant Seaman on the Dumra in 1943. He was killed when a German U- Boat  (U198) sank the ship in 1943. The Dumra was carrying vehicles for the army at the time.


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